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How Would You Like To Make $398.80 + 10% of Backend Coaching... and Get Paid 80% Commissions Within 7 Days?
Russell Brunson's STAR student, Liz Benny, DELIVERS High Conversions (15+% Conversions on Cold Traffic), Raving Customers and KAPOW Profits For All!
Live Webinar: "How To Make $100,000+ As A Social Media Manager, Without Knowing A Thing About Social Media"
Here’s a webinar for Liz Benny’s “Social Monkey Business in a Box” Course, which allows you to earn $390.80/sale + 10% commissions on any backend coaching sales! This has converted really well from cold Facebook traffic for over a year now and has grossed nearly a million in sales in one year. 

The specific details are below, and if interested, simply reach out to Andy right away to get on the calendar!
PRODUCT: Social Monkey Business - Social Media Business In A Box
CREATOR: Liz Benny
TYPE OF PROMO: Live Webinar Followed Up By An Encore Recorded Webinar
PRICE POINT: $997 With Three Payment Options. One payment of $997, Two Payments of $547 and Three Payments of $397. 
AFFILIATE PAYOUT: $390.80/sale minimum + 10% commissions on any backend commissions on $5k Coaching Packages - $25 Masterminds.
PAYMENT TERMS: Flexible. Happy to pay 75% of upfront commissions within 7 days via Paypal or Bank Transfer, with the balance paid after the refund period.

WEBINAR CONVERSIONS: 12.5% - 15% From Cold Traffic. We typically will 2x our sales in the webinar follow up process. Obviously those conversions are going to be similar or better from your personally referred students.


REFUND RATE: Insanely LOW at just 2%. Recent webinars have had a 0% refund rate due to our customer service. 

ACCESS TO DEMO OF TRAINING: Please ask Andy Hussong for access to the complimentary JV access. 

WEBINAR AVAILABILITY: I'm flexible and will aim to make it work for you. I'm in New Zealand, so typically the morning in USA is not great for me. However, I can work on a case-by-case basis.

MY PROMISE: You don't know me from a bar of soap so you may be concerned about whether I'll actually track and pay on the backend sales. Look, I've been ripped off royally, and I lead with integrity. You will be paid for all sales you refer. Period. 

"If You Get The Chance To Work With Liz, You Can't Think About It.

You've Just Got To Do It"

Russell Brunson

"I Highly Recommend Working With 
Liz Benny. Her Offer Is Solid"

Mike Cooch
Webinar Replay: "How To Make $100,000+ As A Social Media Manager, Without Knowing A Thing About Social Media"

 7 Reasons Your People Will LOVE Social Monkey Business In a Box
  • Reason #1 - The journey starts with the Social Monkey Business Webinar which is a high energy, motivational webinar which inspires participants to take action. 
  • Reason #2 The Social Monkey Business Facebook Group has been likened to a godsend for participants. Others call it "home". From the moment they are in Social Monkey Business they are supported from around the world 24-7. 
  • Reason #3 There are two dedicated support people who, along with Liz, are extremely diligent about managing the Facebook Group and the support desk. 
  • Reason #4 The course itself is LITERALLY a business in a box. Everything from mindset through to full implementation is covered. No stone is left unturned. It's constantly updated. 
  • Reason #5 Of all the Social Monkey Business Members who have been surveyed so far, 100% of them have stated that they would recommend Social Monkey Business. 
  • Reason #6 Every Social Monkey Business member gets direct line access to my team of outsources, so there's zero reason for a person not to succeed. 
  • Reason #7 There is $18,000+ of value in the Social Monkey Business course for every member who joins. 
We Have Swipe That Gets Registrants To Show Up and Buy. 
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There Are Literally Hundreds Of Social Monkey Business Raving Fans! This Course ACTUALLY Works For People
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