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Social Media Marketing

Businesses in general have one common goal: To find more customers and make more sales. Social Media Marketing can make finding those new customers easy. Not only that, it’s much easier to interact with them and keep them coming back!

Social Media Marketing is now allowing businesses to connect with current and potential customers in ways that have never been available before. Also when those customers become raving fans of your brand, they then have the ability to share it with their friends in an easy and fun way.

While ‘traditional’ forms of marketing like radio, TV, press and billboards have served their purpose, strategic Social Media Marketing can deliver you desired return on investment (ROI) for a fraction of the cost. Through a thorough understanding of your business and goals, the team at Jinga Social New Zealand combine a strategic use of many Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ to connect you with a vibrant and willing customer base.

You can then choose how ‘hands on’ you wish to be with your Social Media Marketing by accessing our tailored Social Media Training sessions or talking with the Jinga Social Team about our tiered Social Media Management options.

Social Media Success Story - Bean Scene / Cargo Bar

Bean Scene and Cargo Bar are a combined Business unit that cater for
the daytime and night-time hospitality markets. As such, they complement each other in such a way that a unique approach was required for their Social Media Marketing campaign. Business owner “H” was very particular about this aspect and engaged the Jinga Social Team to combine multiple pages into one.

Another factor in consideration for this business was the ability for customers to “check-in” at the premises so that their friends can see where they are. This can become messy over time as people have the ability through facebook and other location based platforms like FourSquare to create many duplicate locations under the same or similar name. Part of the Jinga Social plan was to locate and combine all of these so that Bean Scene / Cargo Bar’s check-in number was a much more accurate representation of their customer base.

While all this work was being done behind the scenes, “H” was also very keen to learn all the “How To’s” of Social Media. He has since had a number of powerful Social Media Training sessions with Jinga. This is enabling him to manage his new Facebook page and other Social Media platforms much more effectively.

To the right you can see part of the design Jinga created for a promotional Facebook App to gain more “likes” for the business page.

Wow! Jinga went above and beyond to do an amazing job for me and I saw results immediately with new business enquiries!

H - Bean Scene / Cargo Bar

Social Media Training and Consulting

You know that Social Media is important right? It can help you build your brand awareness and create more sales! But if you’re like many, time is precious and there’s so much to learn. Where do you start? What’s important? How much time and money should I invest. The solution is easy when you connect with a team that knows how to customise your Social Media Training so you achieve the goals you’ve set for your business.

Jinga Social in New Zealand are expert Social Media Training specialists & consultants. We understand that not all businesses are the same and that your brand needs a tailored solution to maximise your Return On Investment (ROI). One of Jinga’s Social Media experts will meet with you to get a solid picture of your business and exactly what it is you want to achieve with your Social Media Marketing strategy.

Our Social Media Training sessions can be conducted face-to-face or via Skype. We always do them one-on-one enabling us to fully concentrate on you, your business and achieving the results you’re after. You’ll gain a full understanding of how to harness the power of the Social Media networks that will most effectively work for your brand. We know what works and we’ll show you how to do it, why to do it and when to do it.

You may already have your finger on the social media pulse of your business, but feel you need some tweaking and adjusting here and there. Jinga Social New Zealand can also provide Social Media Consulting sessions. We can take a look at what you’re doing and offer suggestions to improve your Social Media Marketing effectiveness.

While our social media training and consulting services will enable you to better understand how your online presence can benefit your business, you can also access out Social Media Management services if you’d prefer someone to take care of it for you.

Social Media Success Story - Trainimals

Trainimals is a company owned and operated by “Owner & Dog Trainer”
Els Desart. Coupled with her love of animals, especially dogs, Els was looking for a way to not only promote her business and products, but to also help and educate. With an already established website and Facebook page, Els came to Jinga Social with a desire to bring all the elements of her Social Media together to work as a cohesive unit. Jinga Social produced some cool graphic design and took Els through some comprehensive Social Media Training so that she can communicate her messages more clearly and in a strategic timely way.

Only a day or two after launching her newly refurbished Facebook page, Trainimals experienced a 200+ spike in new Likes and new business enquiries to boot! Even better, the Trainimals page gained a “talking about” number that exceeded the actual Like count. Now that’s VIRAL!!

Jinga Social gave my facebook page a shiny new look and then plugged in a Facebook Application to gain more fans. The combination of this and some training for me saw my 'likes' go up by 200 overnight!

Els Desart - Trainimals

Social Media Strategy for Business

Bottom line: Every business is different. We understand that, even if in the same industry, every business has different goals with different people managing them. With that said, there’s no place in Social Media for “cookie-cutter” solutions to these problems. What’s needed is a thorough understanding of each business, how it works, where it is and where it needs to go.

That’s why the team at Jinga Social create a tailored Social Media Strategy for each and every business we speak to. You see, Social Media is not just limited to Facebook and Twitter. On top of that there are too many ways to market yourself even on Facebook alone to mention here! With that in mind, after fully understanding what you want to achieve by your Social Media Marketing, we’ll create a strategic plan to assist you in getting what you want.

We can even create a strategy centred around how much time you’re able to commit to managing your Social Media campaign. You may be interested in our tiered Social Media Management options, or if you’re willing to take a more hands-on approach we can offer Social Media Training and Consulting services so that you can learn how to do it yourself.

Talk to the team at Jinga Social today and find out more about the growing world of Social Media and how you can harness that to find more customers and turn them into raving fans of YOUR brand.

Social Media Success Story - She Chocolat

She Chocolat is a fast expanding business based in New Zealand. Their
chocolate and cafe business lends itself to functions such as business events and weddings too. With such a broad potential for promotion and interaction, the She Chocolat team came to Jinga looking to accomplish a number of things.

  • Broaden their customer base by building brand awareness.
  • Increase sales for chocolate and cooking schools.
  • Encourage visits to their cafe with engaging images.
  • Promote their availability as a venue for events.

After meeting with the She Chocolat team, Jinga came up with a strategy
that enabled all this using Facebook apps, a structured and strategic weekly posting plan and combining a number of Facebook Pages and Places into one single entity. Since then, She’s “likes” have grown to over 3,000 and continues to rise daily. Additionally, the business more than doubled their Easter Egg sales in 2013 than from the previous year.

The Jinga team have integrity and really care about our business as if it's their own. I've been able to let go of my social media marketing as the Jinga Team really know what they're doing.

Declan Scott - She Chocolat

Social Media Management

If you already have a presence on any of the Social Media platforms, or if you’re just to the point of getting set up, there’s one thing that can weigh heavily on the mind of a business owner or manager… “Where am I going to find the time to manage all this?” – While Social Media Management can be a fun string to add to your business bow, it’s a valid question for a savvy business owner to ask, with many valid and useful solutions.

The world of Social Media is fun and exciting, one that is full of amazing and new opportunities for businesses to find new customers and cultivate relationships. So, if you’re extremely passionate about your brand, you’re willing to talk to your customers and you’re willing to learn, then Jinga Social New Zealand has Social Media Training options can be tailored to meet your needs.

On the other hand, you may be all those things, you might understand the value, but just don’t have the inclination to deal with it every day. No problem! That’s why the Jinga Social team have developed a range of tiered solutions to manage your Social Media Marketing for you. We will meet with you so that we fully understand your business, your brand and your marketing goals. Then we’ll create a Social Media Management solution that we take care of for you. So, while we will always communicate with you and keep you in touch with results, you won’t have to have your head “in it” each day.

Talk to us today about a Social Media Management plan to suit you.

Social Media Success Story - Luciano Espresso Bar

Luciano Marcolino’s Espresso Bar in Christchurch NZ was already renowned
for it’s amazing coffee, food and service. It’s no wonder as Luciano himself is a Four Time NZ Barista Champion! However, Luciano and his wife Melissa knew that a new audience could be reached more easily through Social Media Marketing. They chose Jinga Social to assist with their Social Media Marketing plan. 

Jinga Social undertook a comprehensive market analysis while gaining a thorough understanding of the Luciano Espresso Bar business to come up with a Social Media Strategy that included a design makeover, a promotional Facebook App to grow “likes” and a Management package to increase engagement with their audience, which has grown to well over a thousand in just a few months.

We have folks coming into our cafe asking "Who is doing your social media? It's amazing!"
We are more than happy to recommend the Jinga Social team!

Luciano Marcolino - Luciano Espresso Bar

Facebook Applications
Facebook Applications for Business

With over 800 Million users you may be wondering how you can get noticed on Facebook. It’s easier that you might think. Facebook offers businesses many different ways to engage with new and current customers that can be customised for your business. Here at Jinga Social, we know that one of the most powerful tools offered is Facebook Applications.

What are Facebook Applications? Simply put, they sit on your business page and enable people viewing the page to interact with you, your brand and your products more easily. They really are an essential element in your Social Media Marketing campaign. With Facebook applications you can:

  • Gain More “Likes”
  • Show a gallery of your products
  • Invite people to enter a competition
  • Build your email marketing database
  • Display an interactive map of your business location
  • Show a feed of your other Social Media outlets.
  • Allow new and existing customers to contact you directly
  • Showcase a new product launch
  • Display a gallery of your weekly specials
  • Highlight special promotions or seasonal events

That’s just a short list of the most popular uses, but really the possibilities are limited only by your imagination, creativity and business goals. Talk to the Jinga Social team today about how we can design, create and install a Facebook Application on your business page.

Contact us today for a no-obligation insight into how we can build a powerful Facebook App for your business page.

Additional Social Media Services
Advertising on Google Plus and Facebook

What if we told you that we know how to get you on the front page of Google Search results for a lot less than you think? Sure a lot of people offer that, or say they can do it, but seriously – we use this system ourselves and many of our clients have also benefitted.

We’ve got it covered – so ask us how today! Also you can Find us on Google+

Facebook has the potential to get your message seen by thousands. We
can show you how to use Facebook to effectively market your business for maximum R.O.I. We can even show you how to run Facebook ads that don’t even look like ads!

Curious? Talk to the Jinga Social Media Marketing team today about getting savvy with advertising on Facebook.

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